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Design, programming & installation

Signal Service provides emergency service as well as planned installations. We are here to help you maintain traffic safety in the best possible conditions

What we do.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Camera Detection Systems

Loop Systems

Battery Backup for Signals

New Traffic Signals & Detectors

Specializing in the newest cross platform signal systems with open architecture enabling cities to remotely manage and keep track of signal operations .

Legacy and new LED Traffic Signals

Signal Service repairs and replaces signals no matter the condition, providing expert advise and recommendations.


Signal Service is a license trainer of signals and controllers. Learn from the experts.


Street Smart Systems

Single-camera, tracking-based vision solution. The ultimate choice for actuation and data collection at intersections and highways.

What we do.






Innovative traffic management products. We provide solutions. We’ve done the research and we know what works. When your city’s safety is concerned, there’s no room for mistakes.

360° Detection

Ultra-wide 360° angle lens to track all movement in the camera’s field of view. This lets you manage intersections in real-time. Tracking cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians while recording turning movements, vehicle counts and types.


Open Architecture for cross-platform integration

ATC-compliant controllers are eligible for a risk-free ATC Road Test trial.

What we do.

Manage and upgrade





McCain traffic signal controllers are economically designed allowing for large scale deployment at reasonable prices.  All controllers, 170, 2070, ATC, and NEMA, are available with optional local controller software for applications including intersection control, ramp metering, arterial master, or reversible lane control.

ATC eX Controllers
The ATC eX series of traffic controllers, provides superior, multi-application control designed from the ground-up based on the ATC standard.

2070 Controllers
The 2070 controller's modular design, permits a range of traffic control applications and configurations

170 Controllers
McCain continues to manufacture and support 170 legacy traffic signal controllers

NEMA Controllers
NEMA compliant controllers in a standard 2070 or ATC configuration.


Controller modules can be used to upgrade, enhance, or reconfigure existing traffic signal controllers to meet your needs.

Controller Software

McCain traffic signal controller software can be used for applications including: intersection control, ramp metering, arterial master, and reversible lane control.

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us; not all of our controller software is listed online.


Green cabinets contributing to sustainability

Signal Service builds and offers a diverse range of industry standard cabinets, each with the flexibility to meet any agency’s specifications.

What we do.

Build cabinets




ATC Cabinets

Built with safety in mind, McCain’s revolutionary ATC cabinet series' fail-safe design combines the best of existing standards and the latest in advanced technology to provide state-of-the-art intersection control for your most complex intersections.
Compact, high-density components offer increased operational efficiencies, reduced liability risk for city management, and safer roads - benefiting all users.

170 /2070 Cabinets

McCain is a leading provider of industry standard and agency specific 170/2070 style cabinets.

ITS Cabinets

Robust, state-of-the-art transportation control in compliance with the ITS Cabinet Standard; ideal for a multitude of ITS applications including intersection control.

LX Cabinets

The LX cabinet series represents a new approach to personnel safety. With a growing number of people accessing cabinets - such as engineers, consultants, city employees, and traffic signal technicians - it is more important than ever to protect them from accidental contact with high voltages.

NEMA Cabinets

Available in a multitude sizes and configurations;
NEMA TS 2 Type 1 & Type 2.

Battery Backup Cabinets

Backing up power to critical intersections is a crucial aspect of proper infrastructure and emergency planning

Equipment Cabinets

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these versatile cabinets provide a shell to house and secure equipment.

The Traffic System Specialists

Sercicing Federal, Muninciple, Comercial  impliment, service and manage traffic systems



LED Radar Speed Display

SpeedCheck™ radar speed signs detect the speed of oncoming vehicles and display the speed in bright LED digits


What we do.

Traffic calming solutions

Vehicle speed detection

Remote access

School zone safety

Radar Message Systems

SpeedCheck™ warning signs increase motorist speed compliance up to 60% and reduce average speeds by 20%. Optional Cloud management allows remote access at all locations. Easily configure settings and send messages, monitor speed, volume, peak hours and print reports and graphs.


  • Remote access
  • Trigger messages over speed limit
  • Message customization
  • Graphics & custom symbols
  • Real time alerts, high speed, congestion and tampering
  • Image snap shot speed management
  • AC or solar powered


  • High contrast superior visibility in all weather conditions
  • Safety Mask™ prevents viewing outside of drivers view
  • Integrated Violation Alert
  • Vandalism protection
  • Solid state design
  • 2-year standard warranty and 8-year for LED panels
  • Available in portable and permanent applications

2006 National Survey

SPolice officers, traffic engineers and safety professionals recognized radar signs as the most effective means of slowing traffic in neighborhoods, school zones and playgrounds areas




Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

ELTEC's Pedestrian Crossing System is designed to alert approaching motorists that a crosswalk is occupied.

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What we do.

Traffic calming solutions

Vehicle speed detection

Remote access

School zone safety

RRFB Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Signal Service offers ELTEC RRFB Pedestrian Crossing Systems with LED RRFB (Rectangular Rapid

Flashing Beacon). The RRFB systems are Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), compliant including

the updated requirement of Class 1-light intensity providing the highest visibility.



  • Jogging/Running Paths
  • Hiking Trails
  • Horse Trails
  • Cyclist Crossings
  • Golf Cart Crossings
  • Middle-of-the-Block Crosswalks


  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon is FHWA compliant
  • 80%-95% of motorists comply to RRFB LED flashers
  • Solar ready or 120 VAC power compatibility
  • High visibility signal (Light intensity +2/4-1 strobe pattern)
  • High contrast, superior visibility in all weather conditions
  • Wireless communication triggers 2 or more signal poles
  • RRFB installed on both sides for dual visibility from both traffic directions




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